Pole Kits

  • Id: Ac-beach flag pole 001
    Name: Flying banner pole and ground spike
    Describe: Poles are made by Aluminum alloy and fibrous glass ,ground spike made of iron.
    Normal length:2.8m/3.4m/4.55m/5.6m
    It can be used for teardrop shape or feather shape

  • Id: Ac-beach flag pole 002
    Name: Cast Iron Cross Base
    Describe: It is made by Cast Iron,the foot is 48cm long,
    the weight is 3.4kg.

  • Id: Ac-beach flag pole 003
    Name: Iron Cross Base
    Describe: steel Power Coaded ,the weight is 1.4kg

  • Id: AC-Beach flag pole 004
    Name: Base plate
    Describe: Base size:30x30cm

  • Id: Ac-005
    Name: Plastic Ground drill
    Describe: It is made by plastic,the length is 58cm

  • Id: AC-Beach flag pole 006
    Name: Water Bag
    Describe: It can hold 12L water and the outside diameter is 50cm,the inside diameter is 12cm

  • Id: AC-Beach flag pole 007
    Name: Water base 2
    Describe: Water base

  • Id: AC-Beach flag pole 008
    Name: Oxford Carrying bag
    Describe: Small size for:1.5m,2m,2.8cm,3.4cm
    Big size for :4.55m,5.6m

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