Production process

    We have over 100 well-trained manufacturing employees on our production team. From start to finish, here is a brief outline of our production process:

    Drawing ➜ Printing ➜ Steaming ➜ Washing ➜ Sewing ➜ Packing ➜ Inspecting ➜ Delivering

1) Drawing
    We are able to edit customer drawings in many software formats and we can create drawings from scratch. Difficult logos are no problem and color matching requires only the correct pantone reference or an approved sample for our color experts to match. We can handle most any customized designs and other customization requirements. AI artwork and PMS or the original sample are the easiest, fastest ways to communicate your designs to us. Our QC team will check the artwork to confirm that it is suitable for printing.

2) Printing
    A. Hand printing : We have three heat printing boards in our printing plant. Each is 48 meters in length and 2.2 meters in width. The fabrics are placed on the board and workers print the logo through the screen frame using the dye .QC checks the printed flags to confirm that the colors and the position of the logo is correct.
    B. Machine printing: Our flat printing machine can handle items up to 3.0 meters in width. Our process is completely computer controlled and has a capacity of 300 thousand meters/month.

3) Steaming
    Putting the printed flag into the steam vessel fixes the pigments to the fabrics using 120-130’C high temperature. This process assures color-fastness. QC checks the steamed flags to make sure that the difference between the actual color and the required color is within customer specifications.

4) Washing
    The flags are washed with hydrosulphite. QC checks to confirm that the flags are clean.

5) Sewing
    Next we sew a sleeve onto the dried flags. The flags are then finished with brass grommets at the hoisting end or with other accessories as required for the design. Sewing can be customized according to our customers specifications. QC checks to make sure the sewing has been done properly.

6) Packing
    Different sizes of polypropylene bags are used to pack the finished flags.Before packing, we add any special labels our customer may require. QC checks the labels, the quantity and the mark on the cartons.

7) Inspecting
    At final inspection, our QC department randomly selects finished packages for re-inspection. Each carton is inspected again for quantity, quality, completeness and workmanship and any defects found at this stage are immediately brought to the attention of the QC management team. We work hard to ensure that our customers never receive a defective item.

8) Delivering
    Our logistics team will deliver the goods to you according to the your requested delivery method… steamship, air cargo, air express, truck, etc.

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